Excellent network and industry knowledge

TwainTowers provides non-executive consultation in the form of Senior Advisor and Sector Specialist mandates in the real estate industry because companies also require multi-faceted consulting beyond formal boards and committees. TwainTowers’ specific areas of expertise range from business development and transformation, to providing guidance on real estate transactions, to support raising equity and debt capital, to specialised projects, such as capital market and M&A manoeuvres.

A valuable industry network creates opportunities and opens doors for each client to enrich existing contacts with new business partners. TwainTowers assists companies with objective, apolitical advice, thus providing both the commitment and the impetus for generating ideas and encouraging creativity. This is undertaken independently, without conflict of interest and free of capital market constraints.


References and testimonials

Heinrich Hauss

Founding Partner

Torsten Schmidt

Founding partner and managing director

Bernd Haggenmüller

Managing Director Real Estate

Prof. Dr. Erdéls


Nikolas Samios


Larissa Lapschies

Executive Director

Christoph Wittkop


Andreas Mattner


Izabela Danner

Board of Directors

Thomas Herr


Markus Gerharz

Head of Program / Real Estate Sector